Where to park in Florence?

Ahhhhh Florence, what a beautiful city! ...yeah we know, more infos here:

Wikipedia: Florence

As we deal in parkings let's get to the point, where to park in Florence?

Parking in Florence can be very difficult, going blind and hope for parking is not very clever, don't you think?

So where i can park my beloved/rented car in Florence?

First you must know that like most of European Cities even in Florence there is a Limited Traffic Zone and parking in the ZTL can ruin your trip.

UNLESS you have booked your parking!
Because by booking a parking spot the Parking Owner will know that you, that day, are coming and no fine you will get! Easy.

Now here you can find all the parking, available for booking, in Florence.

And here are the Parking Detail Pages:

Parking close to Ponte Vecchio: Garage Ponte Vecchio

Parking close to Palazzo Pucci: Garage Michelangelo

Parking close to Chiesa di Santà TrinitàGarage Inferno

Parking close to Palazzo BorgheseGarage del Bargello